Biggest Secret of Vitality & Health: You Are What You Eat

Hello best life seekers!

Are you looking for energy and vitality? Having trouble sleeping or experiencing digestive issues? Maybe you have diabetes or chronic kidney disease or other illnesses. To enjoy your best life, don’t neglect your diet! It’s a secret component of drive and a not so secret ingredient of excellent health.

Biggest Health Secret – You Are What You Eat

Every cell in your body is built and maintained by what you take in. Eat for health.

So much can be said on this one simple truth but let’s hit the highlights to inspire you. You’re seeking to live your best life and that requires vitality and health.

At this point in time we should all have heard that the standard American diet (SAD), which is now spreading globally, is probably the worst on the planet. If you don’t know this then you probably don’t know that smoking cigarettes can lead to lung cancer. A hallmark of that diet is sugar and processed foods, products that are probably just as dangerous and addicting as cigarettes. According to Forks Over Knives:

  • 63% of America’s calories come from refined and processed foods (e.g. soft drinks, packaged snacks like potato chips, packaged desserts, etc.)
  • 25% of America’s calories come from animal-based foods
  • 12% of America’s calories come from plant-based foods but half of this is French fries

This means that only 6% of calories come from health-providing fruits, vegetables, whole grains and seeds. And whole grains are questionably nutritious given the gluten sensitivities and allergies most people unknowingly have to it on top of its fattening properties.

Newsweek reported recently that 58% of our diets come from “ultra-processed” foods like candy, salty snacks, packaged sweets and baked goods such as cakes and cookies, chicken and fish nuggets and instant noodle soups that are filled with emulsifiers, additives, chemicals and preservatives, as well as high levels of sugar, salt and fat. Too many Americans are relying on these foods as a primary source of sustenance.

We are literally eating ourselves to death.

Kidney disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancer and other illnesses are highly correlated to being overweight and obese. Guess what grows our waistline quickest and disrupts our insulin and other metabolic regulators? Sugar, processed foods and everything that makes up most of our diet listed above.

We are what we eat. We take in foods that get broken down chemically. Some of it is used for energy generation or to build, regulate and repair our bodies. Since we take in so much junk food, the chemicals released or created by our bodies tend to do more harm than good. That’s one reason why we call them empty calories but we should probably call them hazardous waste. They actively disrupt the healthy functioning of our thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands and other metabolic regulators; even our moods and mental alertness get hit.

Our bodies are complex ecosystems and the chemicals released into them by digestion are powerful, especially over time. What our bodies can handle at 18 isn’t the same at age 50. Some of that is aging but a lot of it is cumulative stress and abuse from poor dietary habits. It’s like consistently putting low grade gas in your car and expecting no repercussions. It might not immediately destroy the car but over time you’ll see the wear and tear. Even more so for your body. Unfortunately it’s impossible to trade it in for a new model.

By eating what’s wrong for us we compound our health problems. In the first place, we aren’t giving our bodies the proper foods they need to build and regulate themselves for health. On top of that we are actively feeding them things that destroy them. And we then wonder why we have disrupted sleep, out of whack metabolisms and a host of medical problems from something as annoying as acne to problems as terrifying as cancer.

We are a species alienated from our body and the food that runs it. We eat animals fed unnatural diets and pumped with hormones and antibiotics but think there are no health consequences to this. We assume genetically engineered, pesticide-sprayed, and mono-cultured fruits and vegetables and grains are fine when any farmer will tell you the optimum conditions for a healthy and nutrition-packed crop are vastly different. We grow for volume and cheapness and it impacts our health and environment. Think the wealthy eat the Walmart brand of beef or pork that’s so bad it now contains “natural flavors” as an ingredient to mask its off scent? Guess again.

Maybe all the new genetic diseases and “hereditary” problems are a result of dietary damage that weakens us to the point that the disease carrying genes we all have to some extent get switched on by chemical messages that wouldn’t occur in a healthy body. Or we’re so weakened that environmental contaminants are much more destructive because we now lack the resilience of our forefathers and mothers who had better eating habits. We would love to see research on these issues.

We are actively devastating our bodies and expecting medicine to cure us. Instead, medicine can only treat the symptoms, not the underlying conditions. But adding chemicals to an already unbalanced system has side-effects. Unfortunately we just add them onto our list of ailments rather than taking what our bodies needed in the first place – nutritious food. Studies have shown diabetes and kidney disease can be reversed on a healthy, plant based diet. We should get prescriptions for fruits and vegetables. This is not to say medicine doesn’t have its uses but let’s focus on prevention and a return to smart eating habits out of wisdom.

Diabetes, stroke, kidney disease and other ailments are highly preventable. They are the ramifications for bad eating habits. Other countries with healthy food habits don’t have these epidemics. We could go on but you get the demoralizing point.

We need to relearn how to eat for health, to rebuild our bodies and pass on strength to our children.

Eating for Life

The best defense is a good offense. Eating foods high in vitamins and minerals that build and regulate our bodies to optimal condition should be the goal. When we switch to a diet that’s 68% nutritious food rather than the junk one above we’ll probably see a huge reversal in today’s health crisis. So many delicious, health-giving foods exist that can do this.

In addition to gaining health that will allow us to live our dreams, by fueling ourselves with the nutrition we need we also supercharge ourselves. Not just our bodies function better, but our minds do too. With clarity of thought, more even moods and emotions, we can make better decisions and notice opportunities that our sluggish former selves overlooked. Plus, we’ll actually have more than enough energy to pursue those opportunities and outperform our competition.

That’s called being your best version, best life seekers.

Looking for a place to start your food education journey or need some inspiration? Check out these titles. They helped millions get healthy, fit and energetic after years of chronic pain, increasing weight gain and growing aches and issues that previously seemed irreversible.

The good news about eating healthy is the astounding side-effects:

  • Better, more restful sleep
  • Increased energy and vitality
  • Reversal of chronic illness or lessening of symptoms
  • Decreased rates of all major illnesses, including cancer and Alzheimer’s
  • Improved weight maintenance
  • Improved digestion and regularity
  • Too many others to list!

The benefits of healthy eating, especially a whole foods, mostly plant-based diet, are phenomenal. The real trick is beating our food addictions and other junk food habits. All the increasing number of people taking control of their health shows it can be done so let’s follow their example.

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