Say Good-bye to Cramps

Hello best life seekers!

If you’re looking for a morning boost, drink this simple juice to cleanse, refresh, dose up on vitamin C and for the ladies, get relief from menstrual cramps! My morning routine isn’t complete without it.

Morning Magic Juice

Juice of:

1 lime

1 lemon

1 grapefruit

That’s it!

I make it fresh every morning and it’s great. The first time I made it corresponded with the beginning onset of cramps and I was five minutes away from grabbing the ibuprofen. The mood I was in, chugging tart citrus juice didn’t overly appeal but I did it anyway. After drinking it I noticed my cramps disappeared pretty quickly and were extremely light when they came back later that evening.


Totally unexpected and totally welcomed. I didn’t have to take any pain medication and thanks to my new fave morning drink, haven’t during the periods since. Nothing beats serendipity for reinforcing a new health habit!

Will this work for you? Hopefully. It probably helps to eat a fairly healthy diet of mostly whole, plant-based foods. Citrus fruits really seem to work wonders though. Frankly the results still shock me. I now consider this drink a miracle juice!

I’m really curious to see if this works for others. Leave a comment on whether it does or does not and what sort of diet you eat – vegetarian, vegan, paleo, regular American diet, etc. Maybe together we’ll discover some helpful patterns.

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