What Meditation REALLY Is

Hello best seekers!

You’ve heard all about the amazing benefits of meditating. You’d like to start now but you’re worried about the right method, the right posture, whether you need a meditation cushion, and what it means to meditate properly. Your mind is in a whirl over how to practice.

Let’s step back and simplify things by explaining what meditation really is.

The Purpose of Meditation

In its essence, meditation is the method of training the mind to be useful and not a nuisance to us.

Left untrained the mind will grow neurotic or paranoid, obsessive or distracted. It will focus on the negative if that is our nature, worry incessantly and offer unhelpful narratives about ourselves and others. An untrained mind basically drives us insane.

A trained mind bridles the mind, calming its worst inclinations and directing it toward useful purposes, whether that is enhanced concentration, experiencing joy and peace, gaining mental clarity or reaching nirvana.

Meditation trains the mind to calm down. A calm mind grows rational and perceptive. We gain energy and relief when our minds no longer scream anxiously every minute of the day. We start experiencing more moments of peace in the absence of neuroses and mental complaining. We learn self-mastery and self-knowledge. We also learn how to appreciate the beauty of ourselves, others and this wondrous existence.

The Trappings of Meditation

Meditation has built up a sort of cult. Postures worry and frustrate the novice. Full lotus, half-lotus, kneeling or cross-legged, walking meditation, chair versus floor… These really don’t matter. The point is being comfortable enough to concentrate but not so comfortable you fall asleep. This balance helps the mind settle and that is all you need.

Don’t worry about whether you are doing it wrong. When learning to dance, do the first steps ever come easily to the novice? The point is training the mind to go from a crazy, distracted puppy state that chases its own tail to a calm and peaceful companion that we control rather than it controlling us. A trained mind is limitless in possibilities, an asset and pleasure.

Meditation is a process, not an end in itself. You are training the mind. As a byproduct you inherit peace, joy and so much more. The practice is the important thing. Meditation is exercise for the mind and as a result your spirit becomes free.

Think of meditation as weight training for the mind. At first you suck, have to start small and fail repeatedly. Over time you become more skillful and begin to appreciate the facets of the training, start exploring them and after a while enter states of mastery.


Meditation is a method for training our mind to be useful and not a burden. So many people are oppressed by their own thoughts and the conflicting voices in their head. Meditation brings welcome relief.

Take up a meditation practice and reap the results. By training the mind you will start to discover peace and happiness and the gems of this strange existence we call life. You will find yourself and beyond that peace lies engaging with life and living it to your best ability.

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