Diet Inspiration: Watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead free on YouTube

Getting or staying inspired to take back our health can seem like a lot of work. One of the best ways to stay pumped and resolved is by watching others achieve great health. When we see or hear their stories, we’re often inspired to take the necessary steps to safeguard our own health or reaffirm our commitment to our current attempts to live better. Instead of watching another mindless reality TV show, watch a video that moves you to action about your health or diet.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a fun documentary that follows 42 year old Joe Cross. He’s overweight, in chronic pain, on a bag of pills and not far from a medical emergency. In order to turn his deteriorating health around, he makes the radical decision to do a 60 day juice fast while road-tripping across the US. His story – and that of the 2 people inspired to do their own juice fasts because of him – is nothing short of miraculous.  Have a watch and be inspired too about the transformative and healing power of real food.

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