How to Make Thanksgiving Healthy Again

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Whether the first Thanksgiving story of American Indians helping out the starving pilgrims is true, I’m pretty sure they didn’t ply the pilgrims with franken-turkey, just add water stuffing, can of tasteless green beans, can of gelatinous “cranberry sauce”, and marshmallowed yams. Nope, the American Indians provided real food to nourish the pilgrims.

Nourishing whole foods.

Thanksgiving Day Feasting

I love food, especially good-tasting and nutritious food. Modern food on the grocery shelves consists mostly of food products – processed junk with loads of additives, sugars, flavorings, and other substances we need chemistry degrees to understand. It wasn’t always like this.

If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving in a wholesome way and nourish your body and the bodies of the loved ones you’re thankful for, cook this year with real ingredients. Use whole cranberries because they pack tons of flavor and vitamins. Cook them with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg to make a naturally sweet and delicious compote. Buy smaller and more flavorful birds that weren’t raised on adulterated grain. Buy real green beans and yams and skip the sugary marshmallows, molasses, and corn syrups. Make your own stuffing rather than the box whose ingredients read all down its side and are nothing but additives and flavorings. Make your own rolls or buy ones with only a handful of ingredients. And make a pumpkin pie from scratch, without the corn syrup and excess junk that ruins it.

This is all actually pretty decent food when prepared correctly: warm, savory, filling, nutritious and delicious. The pie… okay maybe not as nutritious but if you skip piling on the unnecessary cookies and extraneous desserts and let this one shine with full focus, you’ll appreciate its goodness and flavor.

Back to Basics

Thanksgiving and other holidays have turned into “more is better”. They are low on quality and just send us into over-sugarated food comas. Remember though, Thanksgiving happened when the prosperous Americans Indians shared with the starving pilgrims their nutritious, wholesome food. They gave them food to sustain, strengthen and rejuvenate their bodies.

If you’re worried about gaining weight over Thanksgiving, why not reclaim what it originally achieved? Why not serve delicious and nutritious food with your loved ones, gifting them a powerful cocktail of nutrition to rebuild and restore them at the end of a long year and to fortify them ahead of a cold winter?

Serve Up Health

This Thanksgiving, swap the apple cider for soda, grab real food and fresh ingredients and make a feast large enough to satiate but small enough to not overwhelm your senses and metabolic system. Don’t turn it into a chore either. Have fun finding new recipes for old favorites. Cooking together can provide memories as well as teachable moments about health and instruction on the life skill of cooking. Don’t make eating the only focus. The time together counts as much or more than what you put into your bodies. Make it quality over quantity this year and reap the health rewards. Remember, the American Indians didn’t dish out junk, they gave life and friendship.

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