5 Signs You’re Sleepwalking Through Life

Hello best life seekers!

Are the days getting away from you and time flying by faster than the year before without anything to show for it? Do you feel like you’re not living up to your full potential and watch others with envy as they live their dreams?

Here are 5 big signs you are sleepwalking through your life.

#1 – You watch a lot of television

If you are like most Americans, you watch television more than 5 hours a day. This is not the company you want to keep, particularly since the sedentary lifestyle is the 4th leading risk factor for death.

Television will suck up your life while giving you nothing in return but stress, anxiety, fatigue and a bum-sized indentation in your couch. Instead of watching the adventures of made up characters and reality stars, turn off the boob tube and go live your own dreams.

#2 – You Hate Your Job

If you’d rather be sleeping than go to your job, you have a problem. Did you know that job stands for “just over broke”? If you have a job rather than a lifestyle, you probably hate your work or tolerate it at best. Maybe you think that particular career or job title is the only way to make a living.

It isn’t.

Money exists everywhere. Don’t spend most of your day in tasks you hate with people you loathe when this world offers so many better options. You just have to find your passion and with some savvy, learn how to use it to create wealth for yourself while living a lifestyle you love. Read How I Tripled My Income in 20 Months and The Secret Money Formula for pointers. Following these two strategies I became financially independent in less than 10 years and created a fantastic lifestyle for myself.

You can too.

#3 – You rely on others for your belief systems

At birth we start receiving default belief systems from our parents, then from friends and teachers and society as we grow and mature. Most people never question these default selections.

Not only do drop down menus exist for most every belief – from politics, religion, success, family expectations, etc – you can also craft your own systems and edit them. Or even leave the spaces blank.

Belief systems that don’t serve us can torpedo our peace and happiness by setting up misery-inducing expectations or limiting our potential. Rather than relying on others for your ideas about the good life, look inside yourself and then create the world you want to live in.

#4 – Every day is a repetition of the last

Did you ever stop to consider that the reason why you always want more is because you can always be more?

We are not static beings. We love to grow and explore and expand. If every day is the same as the last, it may be comfortable but you’re not becoming your greatest version.

Change and challenges make us grow and develop. If everything is the same, you aren’t learning and you’re confining your life to a canvas that is minuscule compared to the freedom that’s available.

Meet new people, take up new hobbies, explore other cultures and countries. This will expand your mind and heart and boost your creativity and enjoyment of life.

#5 – You ignore your health

In today’s hectic world of so many moving parts, you have to know what’s most important to track. Your health is number one. Without it, you can’t provide for your family or even interact with them to the best of your ability, let alone live your dreams.

We are what we eat but most people ignore what goes into their bodies, mindlessly consuming whatever tastes good rather than what is most nutritious. Then they are shocked, shocked, when they get sick. You can’t treat yourself like a trash can and expect things to work out.

Not taking an interest in your own heath is a huge red flag. Besides indicating a lack of self-love and self-care, it also shows a laziness toward your life and this existence. That sounds pretty harsh but in this day and age when medical researchers are linking dietary habits to most illnesses and diseases, you really have to question your priorities.

Learn about nutrition and health. Learn about the ways we get addicted to our favorite bad food habits and how the food industry markets to our weakness to their profit and our detriment. Learn learn learn. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Don’t sleepwalk through your health or you’ll risk waking up to illness before too long.

Waking Up

These are the 5 big signs you are sleepwalking through life. Hopefully you are not a chronic sleepwalker. If you are, what does it mean to be alive and kicking for you? What will wake you up and make you start working on your best life? Head for that. Run, don’t walk. Even if it’s not perfect or challenge free, it’ll be a thousand times better than sleepwalking through your existence.

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