Essential Reading List on Money and Personal Finance

Hello best life seekers!

Looking to get your head around money and personal finance? In my journal to financial freedom, I have probably read hundreds of books on wealth, money, success, personal achievement, finance and investment. I have personally read every book on this list and can’t recommend them enough for their wisdom and insights.

The following is an essential reading list for educating yourself about how money works in order to take control of your financial destiny. There is more to life than money but if you don’t understand how to manage your personal finances, let alone how to maximize the money game, you’ll find it difficult to leverage your resources and take advantage of opportunities. Live your best life now by learning these wealth secrets from from the masters.

Disclaimer: Amazon links are provided for each book. If you purchase them via the link, I’ll receive a small commission.

Personal Finance and Planning

How Money Works

Goals and Attitudes


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