5 Healthy, Delicious & Easy Breakfasts to Cool Off to This Summer

Hot summer days call for meals that don’t add to already steamy temperatures. Light, cool breakfasts packed with nutrition and flavor are a great way to beat the heat and start off the day refreshed. What if you could eat something delicious while covering your daily servings of basic food categories like fruit, nuts and seeds? Here are 5 summer breakfast meals guaranteed to keep you cool, boost your health, and energize you.

From Chocolate Covered Katie

#1 – Overnight Oats

Instead of grabbing a nutritionally dubious bagel that will spike your blood sugar and start you on the carb-rush roller coaster, reach for oats instead. Overnight oats are simple and delicious while providing you with a serving of whole grains. The formula is relatively straightforward:

quick oats + milk or non-dairy milk + fruit + nuts/seeds

You can get creative from there and make overnight oats thousands of ways. My favorite is with almond milk, blueberries, pecans, a dash of cinnamon, and a teaspoon of cocoa powder for a chocolate, decadent treat that’s completely good for me.

All it takes is throwing the ingredients into a container and putting in the fridge for a couple of hours in order for the oats to absorb the liquid. How simple is that? Best of all, if you make them the night before, you can sleep in an extra five minutes.

From Modern Honey

#2 – Yogurt + Toppings

Similarly, yogurt – whether dairy or vegan – can serve as a cooling base for breakfast in the same way as oats. The formula is basically the same:

yogurt + fruit + nuts/seeds

Stir in coconut flakes, cucumber, dill, honey, chocolate, granola or anything else that makes you smack your lips. With these bowls you’ll be getting in a dose of probiotics mixed with vitamin and mineral-loaded fruit and nuts.

Make it a treat by freezing the mixture in popsicle molds, then just grab and go in the morning. Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?

From Budget Bytes

#3 – Cottage Cheese + Toppings

Why not replace yogurt with cottage cheese for a different texture and flavor? Again, the formula is pretty much the same as the previous ones:

cottage cheese + fruit + nuts/seeds

These bowls are as versatile as the previous ones, limited only by your imagination.

From Eating Bird Food

#4 – Chia Pudding

One of my favorite morning treats is chia pudding. Especially as a vegan, I find it an easy replacement for yogurt. It’s as simple to make as overnight oats, follows the same basic formula, and stores for days. The formula is:

chia seeds + milk or juice + fruit + nuts/seeds

You can mix in granola, coconut shavings, cucumber, mint, chocolate, honey or anything really. The versatility keeps it from getting too boring. I like to make my base from blended pineapple and mango chunks, then load up on berries and nuts.

From Well Plated

#5 – Smoothies

No discussion of cold breakfasts would be complete without a mention of smoothies. These are the king of cool, healthy breakfasts and can perform double duty as desserts. Done right, these are delicious and nutritional powerhouses. The formulas are pretty endless:

liquid + fruit/vegetable + nuts/seeds

Whether you use milk or coconut water, throw in beets with kale or stick with bananas and peanut butter, you’re bound to find several iterations that you’ll love to make again and again. Want high protein or low carb? You can make those. Want a cleans or belly burner? Yep, they exist. With endless combinations, these meals have become a form of art among connoisseurs. Check out Well Plated’s 20+ smoothie recipes to get started.

Refreshed & Energized

Taking charge of our health starts with taking charge of breakfast. Start the day off right by loading up on whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds, and veggies by mixing up an overnight oat bowl, a yogurt bowl, a cottage cheese bowl, chia pudding or a smoothie. You’ll stay cool, boost your health, and meet the day with energy to spare. Who doesn’t love that?

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