2020 Resolution Update: 100 Hour Meditation Challenge & Maintaining Equanimity As Outbreak Touches My Town

Yesterday news broke that the coronavirus had reached my town of roughly 10,000 people. Considering its global spread, perhaps it was only a matter of time. In the face of a deadly outbreak that severely hits 20% of infected patients, my meditation practice is the foundational rock of my daily calm and equanimity.

The news spews fear and panic – rightly or wrongly. At home, when I sit, I touch peace and the reassurance of presence: I am here, I am healthy, and in this moment of sitting there is only breath and awareness and a welcome refuge from a chaotic world.

Week 10: Going Strong

We are 10 weeks into 2020 and starting week 11. So much seems to have happened this year. Is it effecting you? Are you worried and panicking? There is preparedness and sober consideration and then there is flailing wildly and coming apart at the seams.

Meditation teaches us the difference to bring insight and wisdom. It allows space between emotions, thoughts and reactions – which leads to calm, poise and equilibrium when others seem to be going crazy.

The coronavirus is 2.6 miles from me at our local hospital, though it could be circulating all around me unseen. Even so, I meditate and maintain an even keel. I do what needs doing and worry only as much as needed, make plans and implement them. Then I garden and enjoy beautiful spring days that have come early.

Though 10 weeks have ended in 2020, I have already mediated 29 hours and 15 minutes. 5-6 days a week I sit for 30 minutes on average and go inward. That is my refuge and a source of peace. Sitting builds that refuge stronger and fills me with connection not just to myself but to everything outside myself.

Take the 100 Hour Mediation Challenge and go inward too. You’ll doubtlessly find an equanimity missing in our crazy, often spastic world.


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