Red Pill Notes: Watch What They DO, Not What They SAY (Coronavirus)

Ever notice how junk food industry executives say they don’t eat their own products and never allow their kids to eat their company’s cereals, convenience foods, and snacks?

Ever notice how technology CEO’s say they either limit their kid’s screen time or prohibit them having a tablet or smart phone?

Ever notice that the average citizen is prohibited from investing and making money like the pros (because, it’s claimed, regular people aren’t sophisticated enough)?

And now with the coronavirus, those in charge are cancelling business conventions, trips, group meetings, political summits, and opting to telecommute or teleconference well into April while the public message to the rest of us is to basically carry on like normal and not panic or do anything but cough into the crook of our arm and wash your hands because everything is fine and we’re all at low risk for exposure.

There’s a stark disparity between what those in the know are personally doing and what the public is being told.

Red Pill in the Time of Cholera Coronavirus

Once you take the red pill, you stop being a sheep and become your own person. See my article Exiting the Matrix: Are You a Red or Blue Pill Taker?.

Once you take the red pill, you start watching actions, not listening to words.

For example:

The US government is saying masks are useless so stop buying them. CNN even reports:

“To be clear once again, Americans don’t need masks. The CDC says that healthy people in the US shouldn’t wear them because they won’t protect them from the novel coronavirus.

But medical workers who treat patients with novel coronavirus do need them. And, the CDC says, it’s crucial that those supplies don’t run out.”

So let me get this straight: You and I don’t need masks because they won’t protect us from the coronavirus BUT medical staff do need them in order to be protected from the virus. I’m scratching my head here. So either masks can magically tell who is a plebe and who is a medical professional and will protect one but not the other OR this is another case of watch what they do, not what they say.

Another case:

Interestingly, a record number of CEOs have unexpectedly stepped down this year (including Disney, Hulu, Salesforce, IBM & LinkedIn CEOs). Or, like Jeff Besos, CEOs cashed out significant stock holdings to the tune of billions. All this came just before the stock market cratered and China supply chain issues and economic impacts become public in company Q1 financial reports.

Some people just know when to leave a party at its height.

Other cases:

Facebook and other Silicon Valley companies as early as last week were cancelling their participation in local San Francisco conferences that are staples of their markets well before the first “confirmed” patient in the US was announced. They also keep postponing and cancelling major industry events well into the future on a daily basis. Seems they want to avoid exposure at all cost.

Again, before the first person-to-person transmission case was announced in the US, Amazon advised workers not to travel unnecessarily WITHIN THE US, let alone overseas to places like South Korea, China or Italy.

Airlines, like United, have cancelled or severely curtailed flights to Japan and South Korean through March, and to China through APRIL. American just suspended flights to Milan until April 25th. Why so long if everything is under control and containment is working?

Even presidents and politicians are canceling or postponing meetings and events because of virus precautions. Even China, which says it has everything under control and wants people to return to work, cancelled/postponed its national party meeting – the biggest political event of the year. Message: it’s safe for plebes to go to work and mingle but not the ruling politicians.

Back in the US, the rest of us are told not to worry about stocking up on medications, masks, food (for quarantines) or even to worry about putting aside money for the rainy day that has arrived because the economy may go into a nosedive and jobs with it like during the Great Recession (see CNBC reporting Dow falls 350 points Friday to cap the worst week for Wall Street since the financial crisis).

Pay Attention

Now I don’t have a magic crystal ball to pretend to know what’s really going on with this outbreak or how severe or overblown it may be, but I do know to watch what those with access to information and those in power are personally doing.

And what those in the know are doing is acting like the outbreak is already well underway in the country and world and limiting their exposure like it’s a plague. I’d hazard to guess from their actions that they are already well-prepared for quarantines, school closures, closed factories and offices, a tanked stock market, a cratered economy, and “furloughed” jobs.

Red Pill Life

Watch what those in the know do, not what they say. Then do what they do. You’ll probably be better off.

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