Resolution 2020 Update: The 100 Hour Meditation Challenge & In the Groove

Did you join the Resolution 2020: The 100 Hour Meditation Challenge like me? We’re at the end of our 8th week into 2020 so I wanted to check in with a quick update on how I’m doing as February nears its close.

Total hours meditated: 24 hours 15 minutes

This challenge was a real impetus to developing a steady meditation practice. I’m averaging 3 hours of meditation a week, consistently sitting for 30 minutes 6 days out of the week. This is beyond my best expectations. While it’s too early to claim victory, it’s still a promising start. Thank you for letting me be accountable to your during this challenge.

Why It’s Working

Over the years I’ve built up to being able to comfortably sit for 30 minutes. My meditations are usually peaceful and pleasant or produce insights and general well-being. This encourages me to keep up the practice since I’ve seen the benefits throughout the past.

My biggest challenge though has always been finding a regular time to sit. Thanks to Improvement Pill’s series on making and breaking habits, which I expanded upon in an earlier post, I’ve found the proper cuing scenario – finishing my morning coffee – to signal my availability to sit, as well as trigger my Pavlovian response to meditate. If you haven’t checked out that Improvement Pill’s series, I can’t recommend it enough!

That’s all to report on the meditation challenge. Hopefully you’re finding good techniques to get sitting and meditating. I’d love to hear them so post them in the comments.

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