2020 Resolution Update on Going Vegan & Meditating 100 Hours

This year I resolved to go vegan by January 31st and meditate 100 hours across 3020. You, my wonderful readers, keep me accountable and motivated with your encouragement and support. Some of you are joining the challenges as well! How are you doing so far? It’s 2 weeks into 2020 so here’s my report. I’d love your feedback on your own progress too!

scrabble tiles in blue ceramic plate
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Going Vegan by January 31st

We’re almost halfway to the deadline. Yikes! Are you managing the transition with flair? I’m getting there slowly but surely using the pantry method: eating my way through my non-vegan foods and replacing them with vegan alternatives.

So far I’ve run out of eggs, milk, yogurt and most of my cheese. I haven’t bought meat in ages so beef, chicken and pork disappeared with the last of my Thanksgiving leftovers back in November. I’m down to a pound of mussels, one tilapia filet, a jar of mayo, a tin of anchovies, some Gouda, two sticks of butter and miscellaneous broths.

In terms of replacement meals I’m chugging along, discovering new recipes and eating more of my favorite meals like lentil dishes, bean soups, and oatmeal. The trick is replacing my cheese snacks. It seems manageable though and I’m keeping it fun going into the second half of the month. Making the January 31st deadline feels achievable! How about you?

woman meditating in the outdoors
Photo by Oluremi Adebayo on Pexels.com

100 Meditation Hours Challenge 

This challenge is to accumulate 100 meditation hours over the course of the year. This breaks down into 30 minute meditation sessions 4-5 times a week. The underlying motivation for the challenge is to develop a regular meditation practice, something I have struggled to maintain over the years. Being accountable to you wonderful readers and seeing you take up the challenge is highly motivating!

So far I’ve started out strong, meditating most days for at least 30 minutes for a total of 6 hours and 15 minutes through Sunday, January 12th. It’s certainly imparted a great deal of calm, peace and serenity so far, as well as unblocked some hidden dams that needed releasing. Very cathartic and healing. I feel strong, energized and more balanced. How has your meditation challenge been going?

2020 Vision

That’s my progress so far on 2 very important goals this year. I’d love to hear how your resolutions are going! Drop me a comment below.

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