3 Surprising & Inexpensive Appliances Your Whole Foods Kitchen Shouldn’t Be Without

When you switch to eating for health and vitality, you wind up in the kitchen more. But who has time for slaving away for hours? Here are 3 labor-saving appliances I use constantly and which save loads of time while making healthy but delicious meals every day. All three are relatively inexpensive and totally worth the investment!

#1 – A Rice Cooker

This versatile little appliance is for more than just rice! Quicker than a crock pot and cheaper than an Instapot, you can cook almost anything in it. Sure, I use it for making perfect rice but I also soak and cook my beans, make soups and stews, steam veggies, and whip up curries with it. I just chop and prep food, toss it into the cooker, put it on the brown rice setting to let it do all the work for me while I do other things. Best of all, the rice cooker beeps when it’s done and automatically switches from its cooking function to the keep warm function so that my food doesn’t burn.

This is a great tool for cooking your dried whole foods such as:

  • Whole grains like rice, farrow, barley, oats, quinoa, bulghur wheat, etc.
  • Beans and pulses of all kinds

Stop making your grains and beans on the stove top where you have to worry about them burning, spilling over or coming out too dry – resulting in ruined food and burned pots. No need to hover all the time either to check it. Put in the ingredients, add water, set it and go.

This thing is the bomb.

I use an Aroma rice cooker. It’s probably my most used appliance, plugged in near daily, especially now that the wintry weather calls for warm and hearty dishes. I bought mine years ago and it’s still going strong.

#2 – A Blender

This is a super useful tool in a whole foods kitchen. You can make smoothies, hummus, dips, and nut milks or blend soups and sauces – often in minutes. It’s pretty versatile, especially if you have a processor attachment, and has easy cleanup.

I use a Ninja bullet which comes with handy cups and containers that travel or stow well in the fridge. You can pick up cheaper blenders but I like the quality, power and accessories of my Ninja.

#3 – An Electric Water Kettle

There’s nothing worse than waiting for water to boil. I don’t know why we Americans insist on the time-sucking method of boiling water on a stove when electric kettles will heat water in literally a minute or less. My kettle comes in great for not just making coffee, tea and other drinks but for cutting time on prepping hot water for oatmeal, soups, or other whole food dishes.

I use a Proctor-Silex kettle but am looking into a Hamilton Beach model since the quality seems better.

Save Counter Space & Time

These three appliances rule my kitchen. Sure, I could add others like an Instapot and crock pot but my rice cooker functions as both with the addition of rice cooking and veggie steaming options. Similarly, I have used my Ninja blender for practically anything that needs blending or processing rather than buying more appliances for specific functions. The electric water kettle just makes morning life easy at a time when my eyes are half-closed and I just want coffee quick. Once I wake up, I can heat water for oatmeal or use it for prepping quality kimchi ramen and other dishes. All three appliances are incredibly versatile time-savers that make prepping, cooking and cleaning a breeze.

Check them out and save time in your kitchen.

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