Beat the Heat With These 5 Cold Soups Made With Whole Foods

Sweltering from the summer heat and want a light, cool dish? Make a cold soup that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. Here are 5 refreshing bowls to get you through summer. You won’t even have to turn on the stove!

From Veggie Inspired

#1 – Cucumber Soup

This supper simple soup based around cucumber and yogurt just requires a few ingredients and blender. If your ingredients come straight from the fridge, there is no need to chill the soup. Just make it and serve! It will only take minutes too.

Get the recipe from Veggie Inspired.



#2 – Butternut Squash Soup

Most butternut squash soup recipes call for roasting fresh butternut squash. While that might be great to heat up your house in winter, in summer that just sounds… hot. Do one better and substitute with frozen, cubed butternut squash in any recipe you see.

For a quick and delicious soup with a butternut squash and coconut milk base, check out this recipe from Food Network.



#3 – Cold Pea Soup

This quick and yummy soup will have you cooled down in minutes. Its main ingredient is a bag of frozen peas. Cold, creamy and refreshing, this soup is a great way to start a summer dinner party or pairs well in a soup and salad lunch.

Get the recipe from Epicurious.



#4 – Chilled Avocado & Yogurt Soup

All the flavors of guacamole meet up in this creamy soup, with yogurt adding body and refreshment. Top with salsa. Serve with pita and tortilla chips if you like or just enjoy it as a soup and savor its flavor.

Get the recipe from Epicurious.



#5 – Gazpacho

No list of chilled soups would be complete without gazpacho. Tomatoes shine in this classic Spanish soup and will lighten up the heat of any summer day.

Check out this recipe and 33 other chilled soup recipes at Epicurious.


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