15 Min, 1 Pan Whole Foods Dinner – Rainbow Carrots & Polenta Cakes With Pesto

The great thing about having a garden is all the fresh vegetables and herbs. Last night I used my harvest to prepare a light but satisfying dinner in less than 15 minutes: baby rainbow carrots and polenta cakes sauteed with olive oil and white wine and topped with homemade garlic scape pesto (made the day before). Not only was it incredibly delicious and nutritious, it was simple and quick to prepare. From start to finish, it took less than 15 minutes and only used one pan.

Here’s the recipe.


1 bunch of baby carrots

3 slices of pre-made polenta cake, each about 1 cm thick

2 Tbs. olive oil

2 Tbs. white wine

3 Tbs. pesto (get the recipe here)


Dash of salt & pepper


Heat oil in pan over medium heat. Once oil is heated, toss in baby carrots and add polenta slices. Add wine and salt/pepper to taste. Cover for 5 minutes, then stir carrots and flip the polenta cakes. Recover for another 5-7 minutes as the carrots finish steaming and sauteing in the oil and wine to a nice tenderness with a slight crunch. Serve with a dollop of pesto on each polenta cake.

That’s it. It’s super simple and the white wine brings out the flavor of the carrots while the pesto on the polenta is heavenly. Enjoy this light summer dinner without spending a lot of time on prep work or cooking. You’ll love that as much as the dinner itself!

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