5 Probiotics You Can Easily Make At Home

Probiotics can help build or strengthen the beneficial bacteria of our gut biomes, which provide support for our digestive systems but also our immune health and even our moods, just for starters. The beneficial bacteria we carry are essential and we should be giving them what they need to thrive. However, probiotics at the grocery store can be really pricey. You don’t have to empty your wallet though. Here are 5 probiotics you can easily make at home to strengthen or build your own healthy gut biome.

#1 – Kimchi

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Kimci from MyRecipes

This Korean favorite is a tasty and versatile little dish that does wonders for your gut health. When I lived in Korea for the spring of 2016, my Korean host made this all the time and it was super easy. We would refrigerate it, freeze, add it to soups and all kinds of things. Kimchi is also easy to personalize. Add in carrots or other veggies. Every family has their own spin on this classic dish.

Check out this straightforward recipe and directions from MyRecipes or watch their video.


#2 Sauerkraut

From The Real Home Foods

This classic is really just cabbage and salt. It’s even simpler than kimchi and great for those who can’t handle spice. Get the super simple recipe here.

#3 – Yogurt

From the NY Times

Good-quality, store-bought yogurt made without additives can be expensive – if you can even find it. Save by making your own yogurt using two or three ingredients. Check out the simple New York Times recipe here. It includes making dairy and non-dairy yogurt.

#4 – Apple Cider Vinegar


You may not have realized it, but apple cider vinegar is a probiotic with numerous health benefits, including blood sugar stabilization and appetite suppression. You can buy apple cider vinegar but unless it’s organic and includes the mother culture, you won’t be getting all the health benefits. Luckily, it’s super easy to make at home. Get the recipe here from WellnessMama. Then use it in dressings, bean salads, or as a soothing drink when put in water with lemon and ginger.

#5 – Kombucha

From Live Eat Learn

This great probiotic tea drink is so easy to make that my office mate used to brew up various flavors all the time and bring them to the firm. While this isn’t her recipe, Live Eat Learn has a really great and easy recipe for making your own “kickass kombucha”. Get it here. Once you have the basics, you can make a variety of flavors and save on the costs of these $3+ drinks at the store.

Being a Great Host

Though we might not like to think about it, we all carry trillions of bacteria in our bodies. Many are highly beneficial and what we eat or drink can severely impact them to our aid or detriment. We want to help support or replenish our healthy gut bacteria since they do so much for us in terms of not just digestion but for our metabolisms, nervous system, our immune health and so much more.

Use these easy recipes to start making your own probiotics. Many of these have been made for hundreds or possibly thousands of years by humankind so don’t think any of them require specialty equipment or extravagant techniques. Anyone can make these recipes. Not only are they great for us, they also taste fantastic.

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