Basic Cooking 101 – Short, Fun Videos That Teach You Everything You Need to Get Started in the Kitchen

One of the biggest challenges facing many people embarking on a healthier way of eating is cooking. To enjoy a whole foods diet means buying fewer boxed, heat and serve, pre-made dishes and instead cooking more of your meals. Cooking can be simple or complicated but there are some basics any adult should know that will make life a lot easier in the kitchen.

I’ve compiled short, fun videos that teach such skills as how to properly use a knife and cut common ingredients like onion, garlic and tomatoes; how to cooks eggs, make rice, cook various meats and seafood, roast vegetables, make vegetable and chicken stock, prepare a good red sauce or marinara, make a stir fry and more!

Have confidence in the kitchen and enjoy your cooking with these Cooking 101 instructional videos.


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