5 Skills to Master in Order to Live the Good Life

Hello best life seekers!

We all want the most out of life and unfortunately this existence doesn’t come with a manual for how to do that – just tons of opinions. Each of us have our own varying personalities, needs and desires that mean another person’s best life isn’t necessarily how we should or would even want to live ours.

Across time and cultures, 5 skills seem essential to master in order to get the most out of life because without them, it is either difficult to attain the best life or keep it from slipping through your fingers.

For lasting success and happiness, study and learn the following skills.

#1 – Personal Finance & Money

Money can’t buy happiness but it’s nice to have. Everyone should know how to support themselves and grow their wealth. Unfortunately, most people can’t seem to even make a monthly budget or calculate their net worth. This is a recipe for financial disaster and guaranties financial stress and living from paycheck to paycheck. Such financial planning short-comings also mean struggling during your golden years.

In order to do well in life, you don’t need to be a millionaire but you do need to know money basics. How else will you be able to do all the things you want and support yourself or those you love?

Learn the basics of personal finance. If you need pointers, check out this recommended reading list and read up on the Secret Money Formula that took me out of debt and made me financially free within 10 years.

#2 – Health & Nutrition

Picture yourself enjoying your life at full speed. What are you fantasizing? Probably it doesn’t include diabetes and dialysis or kidney problems, cancer scares or autoimmune diseases. All of these are common modern illnesses that are hitting people at younger and younger ages. They are also highly influenced by diet and nutrition. Unfortunately, most Americans eat poorly and wouldn’t know a healthy meal if it jumped into their mouths.

Without our health, we lack vitality and energy. You can’t enjoy life to its fullest and you put yourself at risk for financial problems from lost income due to missed work opportunities and medical costs.

We must take control of our health. No one else can do it. Too many people are facing serious illnesses in their 30s and 40s, let alone later in life. Guard your health like an asset – because it is.

Here are wonderful books to get you started, or at least motivated to learn more about healthy living.

#3 – Interpersonal Relationships

Life is best spent with others. The path to professional success is based on cultivating relationships while our personal lives are only as good as the connections we share with family and friends. You may buy the largest mansion in your state but if it’s just you alone in it, that lifestyle will get lonely fast.

It pays to learn about social manners, to understand the art of communication and to be knowledgeable enough to talk with people of various walks of life without sounding like a small-minded and uneducated rube. These things take work and if your only teacher is some celebrity’s Instagram feed, you have a problem.

Learn the art of respecting and listening to others, of making and keeping friends and deepening relationships. Your spouse, children, colleagues and everyone else in your life will benefit and you’ll find all your relationships more fulfilling as well – which will increase your own sense of happiness and well-being.

#4 – Master Yourself

Lao Tzu said “to know others is wisdom, to know yourself is enlightenment.” Life is one big mental game and if you don’t have yours on track and are at the mercy of your every random thought and emotion, you’ll be living a life of pain and frustration really quickly. Study the masters of psychology and meditation to learn how to guide and program your mind and emotions skillfully. You’ll find increasing peace and happiness and a greater connection with others and your world. You’ll also find yourself and your life purpose along the way.

Here are places to start reading up on the enlightened self. You can also find most of these wonderful authors, teachers and practitioners on YouTube.

#5 – Goal Setting & Problem Solving

One of the most underrated skills is the ability to problem solve. Yet this is possibly one of life’s most fundamental skills to possess. Life is nothing but a series of problems to overcome. The more tools in your toolbox and the better you are at this, the better quality of life you’ll lead.

And while life is throwing crap at you to deal with, you have to be playing offense as well. This is where goal-setting comes in. To live the life you want, you have to have goals and dreams, then problem solve how to achieve them while jumping yet more of life’s hurdles.

Hurdles never disappear. I defy you to find anyone – even the greatest sages and kings in history – who doesn’t have problems. The trick is trying to have better quality problems than the average person who just lets life slug away at them without a good defense, let alone an offensive plan.

Learn how to set and implement goals, trouble-shoot their hurdles and problem-solve anything life throws at you. You’ll discover inner resilience and self-confidence along the way as you move forward with determination rather than get stuck in place or swept away.

The Web of Life

This existence is short and unpredictable. That doesn’t mean it isn’t without patterns or rules. We all have to support ourselves, interact with others, and try to live a life that’s meaningful to us. To achieve this, we need financial literacy, interpersonal skills, self-understanding and mastery, healthy lifestyle habits and the ability to set goals and problem solve. These five skills interconnect and support one another, making us strong and capable people rather than life’s victims.

If you’re always learning in these five areas, you’ll ultimately make yourself stronger and your life more satisfying and fulfilling.

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