Your Grandma’s Hidden Diet Secret

Hello best life seekers!

Want a life of health, vitality and slimmer waistlines? Want to live illness-free? Take up the Grandma Diet and take control of your health!

The Grandma Diet

Diabetes, kidney disease, and cancer are considered modern diseases. Not because they didn’t exist in ancient times but because they were relatively rare until the last hundred years or so. Go to Asia and the rates are still pretty low compared to the West.

These days we’ve gotten out of whack with our bodies because we don’t know what real food is and think the engineered “food products” gracing most of the grocery store shelves is good for us. As a result, we eat stuff our great-great-great grandmothers would rightly never have recognized as food.

So what’s the Grandma Diet?

The diet is simple. For any food or meal or drink you’re about to stuff into your mouth, ask if your great-great-great grandmother or anyone else’s in the world would know what it or its ingredients are. If she wouldn’t recognize it, put it down like it’s hazardous waste (because it is) and carefully walk away.

Our ancestors didn’t survive diabetes-free on convenience foods. Not until around the Napoleonic Wars did they even have canning! Back then, the biggest preservatives were salt and sugar, not dubious ingredients you can’t pronounce, let alone decipher without a chemistry degree.

Want to live healthier and happier? Put down the packaged, over-processed “food” that can sit on a shelf for months or years. Shop the alive foods of the produce section and if you must, the meat and dairy aisle. Explore the “fresh” bakery at your own risk. Then go home with what your great-great-great grandmother could correctly call food.

Eat and live healthier like your past matriarchs wisely did.

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