Top 5 Habits That Destroy Success

Hello best life seekers!

Most of success is just showing up, yet you’d be surprised how many people don’t show up for their own lives. To succeed, you have to be in the game and actively taking responsibility for your destiny. You have to play to win and stick it out to the end. So what do we need to avoid in order to make it to the finish line?

Here are 5 big ways we torpedo our success and our best life dreams.

#1 – Failure to Plan

To succeed at your goals and dreams you have to define them. How you will get from here to there takes consideration, deliberation and the allocation of resources, be it time or money or something else.

Many people dream big but not in detail. What does success mean to you? What does it look like? How will it change your day-to-day life? What will it take to achieve that goal? How can you break the goal down into stages and components and achieve them? The questions are numerous but important. Winging it generally will not work, not over the long-game.

#2 – No Follow-Through

How many people do you know that are all talk and no walk? Wanting something isn’t enough. After planning and goal-setting, you have to take action toward your dreams and arrange your life around their achievement.

To achieve anything of substance, you have to commit to it. This means putting in the work to learn the skill or devoting the time to acquire what you want. Nothing happens overnight except in the movies. Most people drop out because success takes effort. The self-made suck it up and put in the long hours, the sweat and toil, and prioritize success often at the expense of everything else. They give up time wasters like TV or frivolous socializing.

This is the price of success. Decide what your dreams are worth and what you’re willing to sacrifice. Be realistic. Sometimes that means walking away from goals that in reality do not suit you but other times this means accepting the price and walking the tough road to dreams that will ultimately set you free.

#3 – Relying on Others, Not Yourself

This is another way we drop out of the success game. We rely on others too much. Whether that is listening to your uncle Hank about money advice even though he’s the world’s worst with money or not learning the basics of running a business, we set ourselves up for failure. If you’re going into business, you must educate yourself or you put yourself at the mercy of your own ignorance, let alone unscrupulous accountants, lawyers, partners, etc. Don’t delegate what you should know. You may be able to coast by in the short-term but in the long-run, you’ll sink your boat in a storm that more prepared people could handle.

Additionally, don’t rely on others to do the work for you, to put your interest ahead of their own, or to manage your success. That’s not taking control of your destiny and it’s a recipe for failure. Responsibility starts with you. The decisions you make will impact your finances and happiness. Be smart about partnerships and who you rely on.

#4 – Terrible Interpersonal Skills

While life is not a popularity contest unless you’re running for office, to a great extent your like-ability will impact your success. A tyrant may be feared but they won’t win or keep allies. Far from doing their best work for them, people will look for any opportunity to shirk or quit.

Business is built on relationships and connections. How we treat others greatly impacts the quality of our lives and our fortunes. Success requires skillfulness in communication, networking and selling your services or products. Invest in yourself to learn these core abilities.

This doesn’t just apply to careers. You need good interpersonal skills for healthy relationships with friends, family, spouses and colleagues. You’ll definitely enjoy life a lot more and people will enjoy you more too.

#5 – Self-Doubt

Not believing you can succeed will torpedo you quicker than anything. Naysayers will demoralize you. Your friends and family will convince you to abandon your dreams. You will be at the mercy of everyone else’s opinion and your own self-doubts.

If you don’t have faith in yourself or your dreams, the challenges and tough times inevitable to life will be too much for you to weather. It is critical to believe in yourself and your purpose and to commit to always finding ways through temporary roadblocks that stop weaker-willed people.

Success is an Internal Game

These are five big ways we shoot ourselves in the foot. Success takes being on guard against these habits. Resolve to never fall prey to these success-killing pitfalls.

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