The Motivation Secrets No One Tells You

Hello best life seekers!

Are you feeling unmotivated, dispirited, uninspired or ambivalent about your goals? Does everything else seem to get in the way or distract you from what you want?

Here are two truths about where motivation actually comes from. They might surprise you like they did me!

Secret #1: Our Goal is a Burning Passion

We have a lot of desires and goals, tons of things that we want or feel like we need. But is what you want a burning passion? Do you obsess over it night and day? Are you like a compass about it in that not even a day goes by without you giving it some attention and corresponding emotion?

If not, it’s a nice to have for you but not a must do.

A lot of us would like to lose 20 pounds or learn a second language. Maybe we diet for a week or spend a few days using a language app. Then we go back to our previous actions with a few self-recriminations but not much else because we were not emotionally invested enough in the goal.

With a burning desire, the want to have is emotionally driven, not intellectual. This is key. You may know you should get healthy but the enthusiasm just isn’t there. With a burning desire, not achieving it seems inconceivable. You feel like too much is at stake not to work on your goal or dream.

Only a burning desire with its perpetuating enthusiasm will give you the willpower and motivation to work on your goal until it’s achieved.

No burning desire = no enthusiasm = no motivation.

So the trick here is finding ways to get enthusiastic over your goal. What is it you truly want? The why for your head won’t work. You have to find the why for your heart because that’s what will move you.

Secret #2: The Status Quo Hurts Too Much

Ever heard the story about the dog that was laying on the porch and moaning? A woman passing by asked the owner what was wrong. He answered that the dog was laying on a nail that was poking him but that it didn’t hurt enough for him to want to move.

We humans are a lot like this. Why else would we stay in jobs we don’t like but which pay the bills? Why else do we neglect our health but moan about our aches and pains? We’ll put up with annoyances and inconveniences and a great deal of crap so long as it’s manageable or less painful than whatever we imagine will take to fix it.

If the alternative to the status quo seems the same or more painful than the status quo, we won’t act. Call it conservation of energy. For some, the amount of time it takes to learn a language is too much hard work. Others see it as a fun use of their time. Guess which ones learn the language? Similarly, we know how bad sugar is for our health and waistlines but most of us feel like we’d rather die than give up our favorite cookies or cakes even just a little.

If the status quo doesn’t hurt enough or if the price of change seems too painful, you won’t be inspired to act.

The trick here is finding ways of looking at the issue differently – seeing the fun rather than the cons or focusing on the gain not the cost. Again, getting it programmed at the emotional level makes goals far more achievable.

Motivated Life

How we generate enthusiasm about our dreams and goals is one of the great challenges of life. Some of it is listening to our inner voice to learn what really matters to us and what we love or fear most. These are our drivers. When we learn what levers to pull mentally and emotionally to feed these drivers, we unlock our hidden potential and tap limitless motivation.

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