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Welcome to the series with the most important financial lessons our school system doesn’t teach. Articles in this Don’t Live Broke Series explore each of the 7 Golden Rules of Wealth Accumulation.

Hello best life seekers!

Previously we have looked at habits for generating wealth and those for safeguarding it. Rule 7: Hustle, is the backbone of all these. Without this lifestyle habit, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to build wealth or pursue your life dreams successfully. It’s the ultimate secret.

Rule 7: Hustle

Want wealth? Follow Rule 7 – Hustle: Take responsibility for your destiny. The world doesn’t stop changing so you must grow and adapt in order to keep pace, let alone thrive.

The secret to success, happiness, wealth and anything else you imagine begins with the understanding and acceptance that you and no one else is responsible for your life, how you live it, and the happiness you get from it. No one else can do the work to get you where you need to be.

Hustle – Follow Your Vision

A survey of the dying found that their number one regret was lacking the courage to live true to themselves and instead living how others expected them.

It takes a strong will and determination to live true to yourself. Society sells us all sorts of ideas about how we should be living. Our parents and teachers certainly have ideas. Everyone wants to tell us what’s best and if we’re not careful, we’ll lose ourselves in the roles they want us to play but which don’t enliven or serve us.

You have to hustle to get out from under these roles and find your own vision of the good life. It takes inner strength and fortitude not to bow to the pressure but the rewards of living on your terms are priceless.

Best life seekers, living our vision also means taking responsibility for our personal and professional growth and finding and cultivating the strength within ourselves to stand on our own two feet and face the challenges of life head on. Most people would rather rely on others or not put in the work on themselves. They want all the benefits but they aren’t willing to do the hustling required to get them.

Hustle – The Price of Success

Sugar mamas and sugar daddies are for those who depend on the generosity of others. Most people though pin their wealth and happiness on flawed societal formulas like job promotions or incremental raises. These people work hard. Very hard. They get up early, go to work, put in a hard day, come home exhausted, have some dinner, watch television, deal with family and chores and go to bed. The next day just repeats this. Weekends are spent on errands, maybe some socializing and more TV or relaxing distractions.

That rat race cycle will get them nowhere. If they like their lives then awesome! But most people hate their jobs and want a better life. If you’re on this website, you’re probably dubious about the usual work formulas that promise success and happiness but deliver debt, stress and the urge to hide under the covers when the alarm goes off Monday morning. Or any morning.

Best life seekers, you want to guide your destiny with your own hands. You want to quit the life of a wage slave in the rat race.

It takes hustle to build wealth and happiness. It takes time and effort to build ourselves, our skills and our ventures. Time is our most precious commodity and most of us waste it. Americans spend 5 hours A DAY watching television, about 10 A DAY on various media. We are wasting our lives on programming made by others rather than programming our own lives and freedom!

Best life seekers, to find a better path and way for yourself do what the 99% aren’t doing.

You have to hustle to get what you want. It starts with your vision and taking immediate impactful action to get there. That action should be smart and laser focused. Need certain skills? Find ways of getting them even if it means cutting out TV or social time or going to bed later. Want to run your own business? You don’t need a pricy degree for that. How many YouTube videos, books, websites, podcasts etc. teach business principles and lessons?

Think it’s too hard or too much of a sacrifice or impossible? I’m here to tell you I tripled my income in 20 months by learning Japanese. Investing that new money using the wealth generating rules of the secret money formula I became financially free.

Find your hustle and find you freedom. The short-term pain is worth the priceless gains.

Hustle – The World Changes

The world is always changing. Unless you want to grow obsolete, you have to keep up. That means polishing your skills and developing new ones. It means creating separate income streams because hoping to live on Social Security or other handouts is a poor man’s fantasy.

Beyond the economics of life though, you are not a static being. Developing and growing is a human urge. We always want to be more than we are no matter the progress we’ve made. We get meaning from growing and pursuing the best versions of ourselves.

We grow or we shrivel. That which doesn’t move dies. Live by grabbing life by the horns and riding that crazy bull around. It’s a great adventure. Hustle so that you enjoy the trip and aren’t one of those who gets gored or trampled. Remember the regrets of the dying and have the courage to live true to yourself.

Hustle Wrap Up

Throughout the Beginning Wealth Series, we have listed rules to accrue wealth and be financially free. These are financial habits that no one can practice for you. You alone must implement them. You alone are responsible for living your best life.

In other words…

You have to hustle.

Thank you for following the Beginning Wealth Series. We hope it is already making a difference for the better in how you structure your finances to become financially free.

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