How I Tripled My Income in 20 Months

Hello best life seekers!

Want to triple your income or salary in 20 months? I did using a formula for success that changed my life and set me on the path to financial independence.

My hustle? Learning Japanese in 20 months and combining it with my law degree to take on cases billable at three times my prior attorney rate.

How can this work for you if you aren’t a lawyer and hate languages? Just follow the blueprint I used.

Here’s your formula. Use it to get rich.

Secret #1: Have a Skill or Product

Money flows to those who have a MARKETABLE skill or product.

Application: Whether you think the world needs more lawyers, the truth is that the legal profession provides services in almost every aspect of society. Same with doctors, carpenters, software engineers, etc. In my case, I had a law degree I could use as my foundation.

What is your field?

Secret #2: Specialization

Big money flows to those with UNIQUE skills or products.

Application: You can make an okay living in most professions but not necessarily big money. Specialization can provide a boost to salary or income. That’s why you pay more for your brain surgeon than you do for your general practitioner. For me, I saw that Japanese rates were three times that of English.

What’s lucrative within your field?

Secret #3: Be in Demand

Constant money flows when the product or service is always needed or wanted.

Application: You can be the world’s best underwater basket weaver but unless you have a unique skill or product that’s always in demand, money won’t flow to you. At most it will dribble. For me, I looked at the market and saw Japanese language skills were consistently in demand so I knew I would remain easily employed.

What’s in demand in your field?

Secret #4: Monopoly

Big, constant money flows to those who provide a unique service or product that others cannot easily provide or produce.

Application: This is the barrier to entry that most people fail to overcome but that you sail over. For me, I knew few lawyers in the US speak Japanese and that most others wouldn’t ever put in the effort to learn what they considered a very difficult language. The double barrier of legal degree + Japanese qualification would provide a very deep moat around my job security. For the next 20 months I immersed myself in learning Japanese.

What’s lucrative in your field that others are too lazy to pursue?

Triple Money Upshot

The quickest way to wealth is being born into it. Short of later marrying into or inheriting it or winning a $300 million Powerball, wealth takes hustle.

Invest in your dreams by developing:

  • A marketable skill or product
  • That is specialized or unique
  • Always in demand
  • And one which others cannot easily provide or duplicate

WARNING: To stand out from the crowd you will have to hustle. Choose something you won’t mind devoting your resources to in terms of time and sweat.

Do this, best life seekers, and you are sure to triple your income or better in a very short time.

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