Obtain More Peace Starting Today With These 9 Simple Habits & Practices

Hello best life seekers!

Stressed out, anxious, depressed or not sleeping well because of all your worries? Do you feel like you run all day and don’t get a moment’s rest or relief? Is there never enough time to have a moment to yourself? In other words, are you desperately seeking peace?

Peace is obtainable. It isn’t a mirage or reserved for monks in the Himalayas. And once you have realized peace, you change into a whole new person with limitless opportunities before you.

So what’s the secret to getting some peace? There’s actually a formula. It’s not some mystical endeavor obscured in the clouds.

Secret #1: Peace Begins With Your Food

Expect me to tell you to sit down and meditate? If your diet is out of whack, meditation has a poor base. If you’re eating a healthy diet, the natural outcome is a calmer, more alert mind, better sleep and a more energized body. Food impacts our moods and emotions both negatively and positively. Food also impacts our health overall and a person with poor health usually has little peace. In other words, peace is built on a foundation of healthy food and drink. What are you eating?

Secret #2: Peace of the Sun

Haven’t you realized that cats and dogs sunning themselves outside or in windows have the right idea? Lack of sunlight and vitamin D will greatly ding your sense of well-being and sour your mood. Studies show that people who regularly spend time outside are happier and more relaxed. In this day and age of working sun-up to sun-down in offices and spending free time indoors in front of screens, make sure to unplug and catch some sun rays like most of the more Zenned-out plant and animal kingdom.

Secret #3: Movement

Movement of the body elevates our mood and spirit. Ever heard of the runner’s high produced from those feel good endorphins? Movement gets the blood flowing, circulating needed and energizing oxygen through our entire system. Even a walk around the block brings a mood lift. Taking time to exercise or play naturally gives us space to rest mentally and work out our frustrations and stress. Movement invigorates the body and mind, produces clarity and a sense of well-being. Join the peace movement.

Secret #4: You are Not Your Mind

You are not your thoughts or the story your mind tells you. The mind is a chattering entity whose main default function is to alert you to danger. Don’t identify it’s whining and shrieking with who you are deep inside. Change the stories you have about yourself and others that upset and frustrate you. Learn to watch the thoughts and mind so you aren’t caught in the old, negative stories and mind chatter that don’t serve you. Instead, teach the mind to chatter less and think more productively. Peace will follow. You can train yourself to do this through meditation and mindfulness (you knew meditation would show up somewhere).

Secret #5: Don’t Give Too Many F*cks

We love order and control in this chaotic and uncertain experience we call life. Problem is, life is uncertain and we can’t control people or situations. We can only control our responses to them. Instead of getting bent out of shape at every turn, learn to choose and prioritize a few key concerns and let everything else roll off you. Care about the things you can change, not those you can’t.

Secret #6: Perfection Doesn’t Exist

Shoulds run our lives – how people, the world, ourselves and situations should be. Peace comes from finding the good, not the bad in situations and people. There is a difference between ignoring reality and being overly critical about “shoulds” to the point of driving yourself crazy. Respecting differences allows others to respect us. Look for a flaw and you will always find one but look for a strength and you will find it too. What are you training yourself to find?

Secret #7: Someday You Will Die

What will matter most when you look back on your life at the end? What won’t matter? The number one regret cited by those about to die is that they were never brave enough to pursue their dreams but settled for what others expected of them. Are you focusing your life on the things that matter to you or those that don’t? Let go too of the petty complaints that won’t matter next week, let alone 10 years from now and focus on the important stuff – family, friends and a life well-lived. Live free by pursing your best life.

Secret #8: Find Time for Stillness

When you take time to sit quietly or meditate, you detach from the circus of the outside world. You may discover that everything you are told is important isn’t necessarily so. Going inward illuminates the essential and directs you toward what is life-giving and revitalizing. When you follow that inner wisdom, you walk the path of peace.

Secret #9: Learn to Choose Happiness

We live in a world that constantly tries to sell us something, from junk food to junk ideas. Consume media that encourages and inspires you. If you want to become wealthy, study the habits of wealth but if you want to have peace and happiness, study the habits that create them. Put those habits into practice and you’ll find your mind and emotions settling down into peace and joy.

The Path of Peace

These 9 secrets are habits and practices. They must be lived, not simply memorized – sort of like how you only gain muscle after putting down all the magazines on muscle-building and actually do the work. The training and development of these habits of peace is worth it.

Best life seekers, once you find peace, your life takes on new dimension. You gain more energy and clarity and the world can no longer knock you around so easily. Instead, you start to live with more enjoyment, creativity, and equanimity while pursuing life on your terms and with increasing happiness.

Like this article or find it useful? Please share it so others can learn about the path to peace and start living their best lives now.

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